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“Actions Speak louder than words” is our motto and we live by it. Come and experience this Remarkable massage session with the Expert who is blessed to continue this Imperial Therapy which is being practised in his family from Five Generations.

We do “Ayurvedic Latara Massage” which is one of the rarest therapies available. It is a combination of deep tissue massage, breathing techniques and the masseur chants Mantra’s during the Massage session . This massage is favorable for your Physical health, mental health, organ health and most important: your spiritual heath. This distinctive therapy leads you to indulge in finding yourself and then helps you to work upon yourself to be your best version. This therapy is beneficial for muscle relaxation, detoxification of the body and is also very useful in cases of anxiety, stress, depressions and gastrointestinal problems.

We use more than Fifteen different kind of oils and herbs and each one of it has its own significance. The techniques used in this therapy encourages the circulation of blood and removal of toxins and metabolic waste which will improve the overall functioning of your organs.


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“Actions Speak louder than words” is our motto and we live by it


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